Smart Lies, Spooky Spies

by Shroombab feat. MC Rome

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Smart Lies, Spooky Spies

Look how smart we are
sensors everywhere
because we care

We connect ourselves with devices
and can’t see the upcoming crises

Apps for Lamps
Sensors for Flowers
Fridges send Signals
TVs get Widges

Everything is connected
and we unplug our brain
Our lives are affected
by stupidity and pain

Smart Lies
Spooky Spies

The more we aim
to gain control
we lose ourselves
as a whole
Apps for dirty Diapers
Sensors for Washers
Monitors for babys
Wristbands for boshers

Tracking our heart rate
instead of going for a blind date
Watching the tempo of our walk
instead of listening to our babys talk

Smart Lies
Spooky Spies

The more we aim
to gain control
we lose ourselves
as a whole

Who are we?
It seems we are free
But we traded control
Like a Bullethole

We are dependent on machines
addicted to screens
logging our lifes
with little spies

Let’s disconnect our brain
and get get back power and gain


released March 1, 2017
Track written & produced by Barbara Wimmer. Text by Barbara Wimmer. Vocals by Romana aka MC Rome.




Shroombab Vienna, Austria

Shroombab, DJ, producer and founder of High Tension Recordings, is a fixed “insti​tution” of Austrias drum&b​ass-sc​ene. She was born in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna in 1997 – where she started to change her instruments from flute & guitar to turntables & sequencers. Succes​sfully: Gigs in over 28 countries all over the world and several record releases on quality labels followed. ... more

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