We Killed Privacy Remix LP

by Shroombab + Remixers

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„We Killed Privacy“ by Shroombab feat. Kitsune is all about the end of privacy that we caused ourselves through our behaviour within the internet and the usage of technical gadgets like smartphones that we carry around all the time. The Remixes were produced in 2016 exclusively for this album. “We Killed Privacy” is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, called “Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)”.


released October 24, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Shroombab Vienna, Austria

Shroombab, DJ, producer and founder of High Tension Recordings, is a fixed “insti​tution” of Austrias drum&b​ass-sc​ene. She was born in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna in 1997 – where she started to change her instruments from flute & guitar to turntables & sequencers. Succes​sfully: Gigs in over 28 countries all over the world and several record releases on quality labels followed. ... more

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Track Name: We Killed Privacy feat. Kitsune (Original)

Alert, alert
Bad news for you
We killed privacy
And gagged democracy
We lost it
Did you know?

Google knows what you're looking for.
Facebook knows what you like.
Twitter knows what you read.
Your Smartphone knows where you are.
Bad enough, isn't it?

But it comes worse.
Instagram knows what you eat/look like.
Amazon knows what you buy.
Supermarkets know if you are pregnant.
Your bank knows when you are broke.
Good life, isn't it?

We have come to an end of privacy
The end of our secrets in our lifes
We killed privacy
And gagged democracy
We lost it, we killed it
We can't blame anybody else except us.

We accept all the Terms and Conditions.
Without reading them.
We want to use the services for free.
We pay with our data instead.

Sharing is the norm.
Secrecy is out.
Today a selfie in Vienna, tomorrow in Berlin.
Who is telling us: Stop!
We stopped thinking before acting.
Is it too late?